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Valentine Day Wedding Dress Cookie

Decorate your cookie with this easy technique using rolled fondant, edible glitter and mini roses.

Valentine Day Wedding Dress Cookie

Valentine Cookie

How to decorate a Wedding Dress Cookie



roll out icing    Roll out your icing 2.5 mm thick.

Cut-With-Wedding-Cookie-Cutter    Press firmly with the Wedding Dress Cookie Cutter.

Place-Wedding-Dress-Icing-onto-Cookie    Place your fondant onto the cookie.  You can attach it with jam, royal icing, buttercream or melted chocolate. For our non spread vanilla cookie recipe click here.

Roll-A-Small-Ball-Of-Icing    Roll a small piece of white icing into a ball.


Using our Rose Mould, place the ball of icing into the centre of the smaller rose and press firmly.

Flex-Rose-Out-Of-Mould    Gently flex the Rose Mould to release the rose.

Place-White-Rose-On-Dress    Using Edible Glue and a brush, place the white rose and three small icing balls onto the dress to create a belt.


Glue a thin layer of edible glue using a brush along the top and bottom edges of the wedding dress. Sprinkle and cover with Edible Pearl Glitter.  We used Rainbow dust edible glitter.

Brush-Excess-Glitter-Off-Dress    Brush off all the excess Pearl Glitter.


    For this Wedding Dress we used pink edible glitter and pearl edible glitter from Rainbow Dusts.

    Using Edible Glue and Brush, paint the glue onto the dress, then sprinkle the edible glitter on.

    We rolled a small piece of pink icing into a ball and placed it in the centre of the smallest rose

    on our Blossom Sugar Art rose mould.

    Enjoy Valentine’s everyone! x

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