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Valentine Cookies

Create a super cute valentines day cookie for your loved one with mini roses.

Valentine Cookies

Valentine Cookie

How to decorate a Heart Cookie for your Valentine

valentine cookie


Roll-Out-Icing    Roll out your white icing 2.5 mm thick.  You can flavour your icing or fondant with oils. I have added some orange oil to the fondant.

Cut-Out-Heart-Using-Cutter    Press firmly onto the icing using a heart cookie cutter.


Push-Red-Ball-Into-Rose-Mould    Using our Rose Mould, place the ball of fondant into the centre of the smallest rose and press firmly.

Flex-Rose-Out-Of-Mould    Gently flex the Rose Mould to release the rose.

Glue-Roses-Around-Edge-Of-Heart    Glue each rose onto your  heart cookie using edible glue with a brush.  You can make your own edible glue by mixing a little CMC, Tylose or Tylo with water.




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