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Using Silver Clay

Silver clay is a rather easy way to create beautiful handmade jewellery at home.

Using Silver Clay

What is Silver Clay or Precious Metal Clay?

Precious metal clay is a medium you can use to create handmade jewellery in your own home without spending too much on equipment or training.


What is it made of?

There are different types of clay including silver, gold, bronze and copper.  It is fine particles of the metal mixed with a binder. When the item is fired the binder is burnt off leaving you with a metal piece of jewellery. The clays will shrink at different percentages so your creation will turn out slightly smaller. 


How do I use it? 

There are many books, online tutorials and workshops you can attend to learn how to use the clay. I took a one day workshop with London Metal Clay and was able to make some lovely pieces of jewellery with Helen teaching me the basics.  I have mostly worked with polymer clay, paper clay and icing and had no experience using silver clay and was very pleased with the results.   You can find more classes at the site Metal Clay Academy for precious metal clay and polymer clay.


Can I do it at home without spending too much on equipment?

You will need a basic kit to get started.  These can be purchased easily online.  Some basic tools include: rolling pin, work mat, cling film, cutting tools, tooth pick, modelling tools, silicone molds etc.  You can fire the silver clay at home using a gas torch, (think crème brulee) or over the gas flame on the stove in your kitchen.  You can purchase a kiln for more intricate work and firing other types of clay such as bronze.


On my first lesson I was able to create some lovely handmade jewellery.  I made some silver charms, includings a cute flower charm using the Blossom Craft Studio. Blossom Sugar Art molds are a two part mould to give details on both sides of the flower.


silver clay charms


silver clay charms


silver clay earrings




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